Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Hurt Locker, hurt feelings ... and other news

The Hurt Locker Blu-Ray, about the Iraq War, won Best Picture? Remember, Iraq is an accomplishment for Obama. It's okay to say nice things now.

How liberals deal with hurt feelings: "Boo-hoo! Waahh!" Come to think of it, that's how small children deal with hurt feelings, too. Which means that either small children or liberal, or liberals have the maturity of small children.

What do you do if the men's room at work swells like a homeless person? Do you call security or housekeeping!

Wouldn't it be really cool if Obama was actually a robot? Then the Three Laws would apply.

Got to the house last night, and, after supper, started on Google Reader. After an hour, I still had 338 items to read. Seriously, I need to cull. I'm often tempted to click Mark All Read, but every time I get close to doing it, I see something worthwhile. It sucks to follow so many interesting blogs.

I iz a slave to teh internets. Or is that racist?

Are you following me on teh Twitter? No? Shame, shame, shame. But, you can correct that: http://twitter.com/basilsblog

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