Monday, March 1, 2010

Note to the stomping grounds: Beware socialists bearing gifts

I grew up in southeast Georgia. What growing up I did, at least, occurred over there. I lived there nearly 40 years. And I'll always consider that part of the state "home."

So, I want to warn the good people of that area to beware. Barack Obama is coming.

I didn't grow up in Savannah, but my high school was in the same sports region with most of the Savannah schools. When we watched TV, it was one of the stations in Savannah. So, though Savannah isn't home, it's near there.

The president will be in Savannah Tuesday. According to a Washington Post story, Obama wants to sell his stimulus package.
Obama plans to visit this charming coastal city on Tuesday to lead a day of meetings aimed at highlighting his economic policies and shoring up support for his ambitious but endangered domestic agenda.
I can only assume his TelePrompTer will be there, too. Although it would be funny as hell watching Obama stumble around without it. His TelePrompTer has a mastery of the English language; Obama has a mystery of the English language.

But selling his stimulus in person? Well, considering that Obama has only been on TV ... every day for the past two years ... it's no wonder people haven't heard what he had to say.

It's true that Obama is having trouble selling his plans. Savannah's mayor, Democrat Otis S. Johnson, says, "The speed in which the applications have been approved has really been a little frustrating." And he's an Obama supporter.

Maybe Obama is having trouble because his Obama's spend, spend, spend policy means that the deficit is getting larger, larger, larger. And how will Obama and the Socialists wearing Democratic clothing solve it? Taxes, taxes, taxes.

So, what do you do about it?

I'd suggest to the people of the area that they ignore Obama. Go about your business. Act like he's not even there.

On the other hand, after January 20, 2013, you might not ever see him again. This may be your last chance.

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