Monday, March 8, 2010

Search engine fun

Okay, maybe not fun. But it's been a while since I checked to see what people are looking for when some search engine sends them here. Since I'm bored (and actually avoiding something I need to be doing), I thought I'd check out the search engine stats. These are some of the most interesting ... or eye-catching ... search terms people used to get here. The most popular terms are at the top.
  • verizon vampire commercial - This is the new "jamie lynn spears naked." And tharere are multiple variations on this. But this variation, all by itself, is the top search term used to arrive here. Seems I had a post that contained a YouTube video of the Verizon commercial featuring a vampire. Only now, Verizon had them take it down. I didn't upload it; someone else did, and I embedded it here. I do have the original, though. I wonder why Verizon doesn't want people watching that commercial. And, no, I won't re-upload it.
  • jamie lynn spears naked - The old classic. Somehow, it never gets old. Thankfully, she is getting older. At least, now, she's 18, which means, I suppose, people searching for her are no longer searching for child porn.
  • hitler reacts - How can you go wrong with Hitler.
  • bender - Not sure what this is all about. Yes, I know he's the robot from Futurama, but still... here?
  • basil - Yay! Somebody came here actually looking for me. Instead of a vampire. Or child porn. Or a Nazi. Or a drunken robot.
  • fat film - I didn't realize I looked that much like Michael Moore. (I don't.)
  • bangelina - Which is, I suppose, like "Brangelina," but with more bang.
  • what happened to charles johnson - And the answer still remains, "Nothing happened to him; he's always been that way."
  • nancy pelosi workout video - Yes, I posted it.
  • rick sanchez - Must have been some DUI or hit-and-run story I wrote.
  • curling today - Probably not looking for that Beatles video. But I don't care.
  • boobs - Yay! Boobs!
  • best movies alphabetical - From a huge time-waster I inflicted upon myself.
  • obama - He's not real popular around here. Probably why it's so low on the list.
  • kfc wednesday special - Yes, this actually appears right next to the previous one. I'm not racist. But search engine users are.
  • 888-304-2632 -  Seems somebody else gets letters from Chase.
Now you see why I don't check the search engine logs all that often.


  1. Today I searched for the name "Dane Cook"(don't ask why) and got this,

  2. What else would you expect to find?


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