Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TV, Google, Obama ... and other news

Heh. Yesterday's Hope n' Change cartoon was teh funneh.

Coffee Party... now the Cocoa Party? Heh. Should I try to start a Coke Party? Of would that really be too much?

Anybody know what channel the Olympics are on? Last night, all I see is Amateur Hour, fat people, and some crazy bald dude. Oh, and dancing gay Puerto Ricans on TNT.

Had a hard time last night deciding if I wanted to watch Sarah Palin on Leno, or Romney on Letterman. Or if I should have let TiVo record them both. I decided to just watch Mike Rowe make gourds.

Google, Kansas? Really? What a bunch of Yahoos!

John Hawkins asked: "Is it just me or have the quality of Google's search results deteriorated markedly in the last year or two?" Actually, in Google's defense, I think teh internets is just suckier.

Remember when it was white folks putting up nooses? Now everybody's doing it. Obama has brought race relations forward!

Thanks a lot, Obama. Now Spider-Man is out of work.

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