Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nobody tell Frank J. about the monkeys using their minds to control robots

Sky News reports that, at the University of Pittsburgh, a monkey fitted with a hi-tech brain chip has learned to move a complex robotic arm using mind control.

You read that right.

Monkeys controlling robots with their minds.

One science guy, who wears a lab coat, says it's all for the public good:

Neurobiologist Dr Andy Schwartz said: "What we're trying to do is go to a very dextrous hand - where the functionality is very similar to the human hand. If we could help stroke patients there would be a huge market for this kind of device."

I'm not sure, but I think the guy that's the mad scientist behind this is a nice guy. But letting monkeys control robots?

Don't let Frank J. find out. He's got a lot on his mind right now, what with writing all teh funneh, making up lies about the president (but true lies, not those awful false lies), and planning the birthday of someone who is very special to him (and the rest of us, too).

That's a lot of pressure. He doesn't need any more. Especially since he has to find the perfect birthday present for his wife. All married men know that if you don't find the perfect gift, you might as well just dig a hole, crawl in, and cover yourself up. Your life is over if you screw up the wife's birthday present.

So, Frank J. doesn't need any extra pressure. I sure won't do anything to cause any extra pressure on him. About his wife's birthday.

And this story about monkeys controlling robots with their minds might freak him out. 'Cause it's freaky.

I mean, do you get the idea that scientists are like rednecks, only with test tubes and laboratories instead of beer cans and deer stands?

I mean, a redneck will get liquored up, hop on a four-wheeler and try to jump his mom's car. He'll make it about half-way across. It's like, "Hey, y'all, watch this!" Then they've got a "Here's Your Sign" winner.

Same way with these scientists. "Hello, colleagues, observe this!" They wire up a monkey to a robot and let it control it with its mind.

We've all been worrying about SkyNet taking over. And, if it does, it will be a cross between Terminator and Planet of the Apes: monkey-controlled robots.

There's a storm coming ... and it's a mad house, a mad house!

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