Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-07-08

Things on my mind recently...

  • They could still do the Michael Jackson tour. Leave him in that gold casket, add Bubbles and the Elephant Man, and tour like King Tut. #

  • Wallet Stolen in 1982 Found in Central Park Tree How could the victim not notice a tree stealing his wallet? #

  • Secret Service Website taken out by Cyber attack Thank goodness it didn't interfere with Jacko's funeral #tcot #

  • Did SciFi change its name to SyFy because so many of their viewers couldn't spell "SciFi"? Or did they lose a bet with Spike? #

  • Okay, first SciFi is now SyFy. Now, TiVo's CN/Adult Swim schedule is all buggered up. I blame the Jacko funeral coverage. #

  • Google announces a new operating system, available in 2010, and runs on top of Linux Or you could just get Linux now #

  • Need Some Weed? Just Check Twitter Does this mean that Twitter is a gateway app that could lead to (gasp) blogging? #

  • Microsoft Warns of Serious Browser Security Problem In other words, it's Tuesday #

  • Daily Dose of Caffeine May Cure Alzheimer's, Scientists Find If true, I'm good until 2058 #

  • Jesus is open for business #

  • Two Columbus escapees captured in Las Vegas Seems what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas #

  • Even T. Boone Pickens says wind power blows #

  • Maybe they're sending Biden to Ohio to improve Obama's numbers, thinking Obama will look smart in comparison #tcot #

  • Just drove past a guy riding a bicycle, carrying a vacuum cleaner. Miss Gulch's brother has dumped the broom and gone high-tech. #

  • I wonder how many people who say they wouldn't vote for Palin now, would actually have before last Friday anyway. #tcot #

  • This must be the lines that carry the wood for Red Lobster's wood-fired grill. #

  • Lunch at the Red Lobster. And they got Michael Frikkin' Jackson on the "news" channel on the TV. Life sucks. #

  • Good news for Obama: His approval rating is still better than Hitler's. In most polls, at least. #tcot #

  • Hey! If I drive across the river to Central Time, I'll be able to do 12:34:56 7/8/09 again! #

  • "An exciting new Chevron is coming soon." And nothing says excitement like a Chevron station! #

  • White House spells POTUS' name wrong They keep putting a "B" in place of the "S" #

  • Dallas PD cuts security for home of former president Bush But bankrupt LA can provide security for Jackson funeral #tcot #

  • Naked man shows up for dental appointment Dentist refuses to fill his cavity #

  • Oscar Mayer dies Will his body be carried to the cemetery in the Weinermobile? #

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