Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-07-07

Things on my mind recently...

  • POTUS: The future does not belong to those who gather armies ... or plant missiles http://tr.im/reKg Peace Moonbeam speaks in Moscow #tcot #

  • Good news: Pizza Hut for lunch. Bad news: They have TV on showing Jacko's funeral. Good news: They are finally burying that SOB. #

  • Some news head just said they'd be covering Jacko's funeral for "many more hours." #

  • If Moses was trying to free his people today, he'd threaten Pharaoh with non-stop Michael Jackson funeral coverage. #

  • As much as I've been fighting to stay awake in this meeting, at least they aren't showing PowerPoints of Michael Jackson. Yet. #

  • Day-long Meeting From Hell is done. Anybody heard anything about Michael Jackson's funeral. Isn't it today? #

  • New monkey discovered in Brazilian Amazon http://tr.im/rieq Brazilian Amazon really likes her new monkey #

  • Wife has had a poopy day at work. I've been dealing with jackasses. Heading home, we're encountering every poopy jackass driver in town. #

  • I have no idea what that song is playing in this Chinese restaurant, but I think the words go "the line broke, the monkey got choked..." #

  • Wife wants to stop at PetSmart to get some fish conditioner. I don't know what that is, but I don't think Miss Clairol makes it. #

  • 40 people watch Jacko's funeral at Columbus theatre http://tinyurl.com/n3dmt7 I'm happy there are only 40 of those idiots in town. #

  • They have a Code*Adam sign on the door at PetSmart. Shouldn't they also have a Code*Lassie sign, too? #

  • Hell! Even XM 70s On 7 is talking about Michael Jackson. Time to listen to Lionel Hampton and Artie Shaw on 40s On 4 #

  • Would Michael Jackson's funeral have been a big a deal if it happened before he went ape-shit crazy? #

  • There were some jackasses on the road this afternoon. I could hardly drive and Tweet without getting run over. Geesh! #

  • I TiVo the two local news programs at 6:00 every night. Watching them now. Since when did Michael Frikkin' Jackson become a local story! #

  • Sent Wife a text message earlier today: I <3 U. She wanted to know what the hell "I is less than 3 U" has to do with anything. #

  • Wait until Al Sharpton finds out they didn't have a riderless horse at Michael Jackson's funeral. #

  • Wife put some small plants in new aquarium a couple of weeks ago. It now looks like a Stephen King story in there with all that growth. #

  • Watching Wizard Of Oz. Now, if I can only find my copy of Dark Side Of The Moon. #

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