Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-07-15

Things on my mind recently...

  • Plane crashes in Iran, 168 believed killed How long before Iran blames U.S? And before Obama apologizes? #

  • More flags, more fun. Heading to Six Flags. #

  • Nephew and female "friend" came to Six Flags with us. He commented on kid on a leash. He doesn't see the one his "friend" wields. #

  • Everybody else figured Wednesday was a good day to go to Six Flags. More flags, more fun? More people, more lines. #

  • Before ride- Me: You might want to take your hat off. Grandson: I'm okay. After ride- Me: Where's your hat? Grandson: (pouts) #SixFlags #

  • Wife only rode Splashwater Falls becaise I told her the last row didn't get wet. She believed me. Bwa-ha-ha. #

  • Looks like the entire cast of Deliverance is at Six Flags. Not Burt Reynolds, Jon Voight, Ronny Cox nor Ned Beatty. But everybody else. #

  • Last Six Flags trip, I wore khaki pants. They got wet on Thunder River. This time, I wore jeans. They got wet, too. Next time, no pants. #

  • I wonder if a Harold and Kumar theme park would make it. Leopard rides, NPH/unicorn rides, whore houses, and White Castle burgers. #

  • It's Dirty Hippie Day at Six Flags. I've seen a s**t-load of dirty hippies wandering around. #

  • Three of the Six Flags over Georgia: Spain, France, England #

  • Two of the Six Flags over Georgia: US (1776), Georgia (19th century), US. What's missing? Confederacy. PC trumps his... #

  • Long line for my favorite ride: the tram to the parking lot. #SixFlags #

  • Was still wet from the water rides during the ride home. However, a shower -- washing the water off, I suppose -- helped. #SixFlags #

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