Saturday, July 25, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-07-25

Things on my mind recently...

  • Did Obama invite Crowley for a round of beer because Crowley is Irish? Was Gates invited out for a malt liquor? #

  • Yes, someone at Six Flags is wearing a shirt with a picture of someone in a casket. Redneck don't always mean White. #

  • Lost my BlackBerry on the Georgia Scorcher at Six Flags. Really. But I found it. I've used up my good luck for the week. #

  • To big men wanting to ride the Scorcher at Six Flags: it has a bicycle-type seat, with a belt that attaches from beneath. Think it through. #

  • I swear, if one more person tells me to "have a Six Flags day" I might lose it. #

  • At Six Flags, we sat on a bench next to an old wood building. A crowd gathered. I should have dressed better; they thought we were a show. #

  • Somebody got wet on Thunder River. #SixFlags #

  • Line at Superman (Six Flags) is running about 30 minutes ... for the Gold Flash Pass. The regular line wait is about ... 2 days. #

  • I don't want to sound uppity, but folks that paid extra for a specific time should ride ahead of ALL the regular riders at Six Flags. #

  • Can't somebody buy that elementary school age kid a belt? #

  • Exit line at Six Flags is as long as some rides. Maybe if I acted the fool, they'd throw me out & I'd get to car fas... #

  • If Harvard-educated means being educated by the likes of Henry Louis Gates, then a Harvard education isn't worth a bucket of warm spit #tcot #

  • Grandmother, granddaughter adopt "Trix," a shaved and marked up abandoned dog It's true: Trix are for kids. #

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