Friday, July 17, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-07-17

Things on my mind recently...

  • Kissed Wife's hand, then asked about her hand lotion. She said she hadn't used any, but had changed water in fish tank. Ew. Just ew. #

  • We just saw the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile on I-10 in Florida. I'm excited. It's my first time. #

  • GPS has gone crazy. Or needs a serious update. It thinks we're in a corn field or something, miles from pavement. Technology sucks. #

  • I hate bridges. Especially those with a left turn in the middle of them. #

  • Speed limit keeps going from 45 to 55 to 45. They do that to screw with tourists. #

  • Sign says, Beaches Left. All that driving for nothing! #

  • We have arrived at our Destin-ation. Our room isn't ready. They say by 4:00. But they mean Central Time. Killing time. #

  • Eating a late lunch. Huge plate of food. Wife told me my saying "Holy Crap!" immediately before "Lord, make us thankful..." was just wrong. #

  • Wife doesn't like my using the Twitter at the table, either. She... OUCH! ... #

  • Padded swim tops for little girls. Who are the boobs that came up with this idea? #

  • Finally! Got checked in. View from the room balcony: Gulf coast of Florida. #

  • Wife is also sitting on the balcony, pretending to read a book, but actually watching the shirtless, tanned, blonde dude carry equipment. #

  • Told Wife that I saw her watching the guy carrying equipment. She said he had nice equipment. #

  • Looks like some couple is about to get married on the beach. Best wishes, whoever y'all are. #

  • Wireless Internet in the room isn't working for either Mac or XP machine. Desk says call Cox. Cox says call desk. This could get ugly. #

  • In the hotel lobby, I can get on the Internet with my Mac. But not in the room. Will go try the room again before I raise Holy Hell. #

  • Okay, I can access Internet from beach deck at hotel. I should be able to access from the room, right? #

  • Walter Cronkite's body dies 41 years, 5 months after his journalistic integrity #

  • NYPD Investigating Motivational Speaker's Murder Was the body found in a van down by the river? #

  • Low tide #

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