Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-07-29

Things on my mind recently...

  • Debate over soon-to-be-banned swimsuits worn by Phelps and Biedermann Why don't they swim naked and settle everything? #

  • The sports guy doesn't wear pants. Film at 11:00 Bio of WTVM's Dave Platta #

  • Now the woman that called 911 on Gates is having a press conference. If only media-whoring was as illegal as traditional whoring... #tcot #

  • XM 70s On 7 is playing the greatest rap song ever: "Convoy" by C.W. McCall #

  • Just imagine how bad a week Obama would have had if he had made the cover of Sports Illustrated... #tcot #

  • Bryce Dallas Howard joins cast of "Eclipse" (Twilight 3) Okay, Twilighters, squeal like a little girl now. #

  • NYC sending homeless to Georgia Liberals want you to share the wealth while they share the poverty #tcot #

  • Are the Blue Dogs the 2009 version of the Gang Of 14? #

  • MI Rep. Peter Hoekstra (R): Dems looking for adult supervision What they need is a spanking and to be sent home. #tcot #

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