Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-07-23

Things on my mind recently...

  • Is it ABBA week in the news? SOS Waterloo The Name of the Game #

  • Obama's new theme song? (tip: AoSHQ ) #

  • Associated Press calls "BS" on Obama's #tcot #

  • Graves to be moved from old cemetery Final resting place doesn't mean final any more #

  • Scientists: Humans Naturally Glow in the Dark However, not all humans are bright #

  • After comparing Obama's statements against the truth, his pants should be declared a fire hazard. #tcot #

  • If the intent is to teach me to not take vacation days, I'm starting to take the hint. #

  • Why don't they salt the grits at IHOP? If people were concerned about sodium intake or other healthj concerns, they wouldn't eat at IHOP. #

  • Grits are now "gritz" ... and nobody told me! I'm so embarrassed! #

  • I wonder if we can get Barbara Boxer to quote Bill Cosby at Obama #tcot #

  • Instead of fixing the teleprompter, the current plan is to put a pull-string in Obama's back. #tcot #

  • Why haven't I heard more about the Black youths who beat up the White family in Ohio? Is the media racially profiling stories? #tcot #

  • It's not profiling to pull over a young man who wears his cap sideways; it's illegal in 47 states to impersonate Charlie Brown. #tcot #

  • Hey! What happened to all the nekkid girls that was following me on the Twitter? #

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