Friday, July 3, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-07-03

Things on my mind recently...

  • Got the day off today, and can sleep late. And here I am, up and about. Boy, am I a dumbass! #

  • Scott Ott reads the Declaration of Independence #tcot #

  • Since cable company reconnected us (after disconnecting us in error) some channels have terrible reception. I'm making a visit in person. #

  • Do NOT attempt to put on a shirt while standing under a ceiling fan. Just sayin'. #

  • I wonder why I haven't heard of Obama trying to take over the oil companies. Or did I just f**k up and give them an idea? #tcot #

  • Apple blames iPhone overheating on weather Who knew it got hot in summertime? #tcot #

  • I so much want to write a blog post about this: I even have the title: "Nigaz give me gas" #

  • I know what a male is compensating for when he drives a too-big pickup. But what about a female? #

  • Every time I put up a new mailbox, I forget to allow room for the door to open. Thankfully, no one is watching today. #

  • Cable guy just left. Getting all the channels now, and clearly. I didn't miss any breaking news, did I? #

  • Maybe Palin is moving to Georgia to run for Governor next year. A guy can hope. #tcot #

  • Any bets on Palin showing up on a cable news channel this fall (a la Huckabee)? #tcot #

  • Here's a radical idea: Maybe Gov. Palin said what she meant and meant what she said. #

  • Scrappleface: Palin Quits to Spend More Time with Couric, Gibson #tcot #

  • Did Bill Kristol say Palin was "crazy like a fox?" Or "a crazy little fox?" #

  • Powell airs doubts on Obama agenda Thanks, General, for finally realizing what real conservatives knew all along #tcot #

  • I heard Gov. Palin was depressed over Michael Jackson's death #

  • Any word from David Shuster yet if Michael Jackson's musical future is "done?" #

  • Disney adds robotic Obama to attraction Still awaiting robotic teleprompter. Then no one could tell the difference. #tcot #

  • U.K. Blind Man Sees Wife for First Time After Having Tooth Implanted in Eye Must have been his eye tooth #

  • Mexican Midget Wrestlers Killed by Fake Prostitutes Finally! A story to take Jacko and Palin off the front pages! #tcot #

  • Is Palin really going to move to the U.S. and run for president? #tcot #

  • Is it true that Sarah Palin is starting a new political party? #

  • The only thing wrong with politics is politicians #

  • The only thing wrong with journalism is journalists #

  • Obama to Avoid Father's Kenyan Homeland on Trip to Africa I was hoping he'd seek out the manger he was born in #

  • I heard Palin was tired of hunting moose, and was moving to Louisiana to hunt swamp sharks #tcot #

  • Reuters: Would you pledge your soul as loan collateral? It worked for Obama #tcot #

  • I'm still waiting on Sarah Palin to call and ask me to be her running mate in 2012 #

  • If life was a western, Sarah Palin would be riding off into the sunset, and there'd be tears in people's eyes #

  • Now that cable is fixed and channels are watchable I need to watch all the poor broadcast quality shows that TiVo recorded #

  • PRNK fires two mid-range missiles Attention Whore files missiles at home state of Attention Whore #tcot #

  • Deer tramples pet dog in Westwood backyard Bambi gets revenge #

  • Death of Sailor May be a Gay Hate Crime Shocking! Imagine that hate may be involved in murder! #

  • Jackson shared a bond with Diana Ross' Also shared a nose, chin, and gender #

  • New Delhi Lifts Ban on Gay Sex Only taboos and sacred cows left in India are ... wait for it ... sacred cows #

  • Tickets Available by Lottery for Jackson Memorial Winners gets one ticket. Losers get two tickets. #

  • Report: Obama to use NSA to monitor Net Be careful what you say or you might suddenly dis... . . . #

  • Incoming IAEA chief: No hard evidence Iran seeking nukes Ahmadinejad saying so isn't enough proof #tcot #

  • Much-needed tax refunds delayed from Ga. to Calif. East of GA and west of CA, you're okay. #

  • Microsoft withdraws offending 'puke ad' Why can't we get TV like that in the U.S.? All we get is 24/7 Michael Jackson #

  • Foo Fighters to Rock White House Fourth of July Bash To play official Obama administration song, "Long Road to Ruin" #tcot #

  • Remember, Jim Brown had many more years of football in him when he decided to walk away #tcot #

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