Monday, July 20, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-07-20

Things on my mind recently...

  • Minor League pitcher Brian: The stages of Ryan Seacrest Which stage are you? #

  • Note to anyone who decides to get on the computer while spouse is sleeping: turn the volume down. And thanks for the loud Citi ad, Drudge. #

  • New Apple app helps you find marijuana Turns your iPhone into a iPot #tcot #

  • Leaving Destin. Just punched in the address to the house in the GPS. It said the "destination cannot be reached via road." Yes, it's Monday. #

  • One of the drawbacks of being from the South (the only one) is never learning how to eat hash browns. Fork? Spoon? I want my grits! #

  • Just saw two grown men riding a motorcycle. One motorcycle. Two burly guys. Sorry, but you can't do that and look cool. #

  • We are on the section of US-98 where 55 means 45... to SOME people! #

  • The jackass at the gas pump ahead of me never heard of pulling up to a parking space before shopping. Probably voted for Obama. #

  • I've never figured out why Chevrolet would name a truck after a Brian Dennehy movie. #

  • Sister was just in Wal-Mart behind a woman using a food stamp card. Sis saw her outside ... driving a new Nexus with satellite radio. #

  • Why do people driving 2 MPH over the speed limit slow to 10 MPH *under* the limit when they see a state trooper? #

  • Did somebody steal a FedEx truck in Dothan? Or do they have a real lax dress code? #

  • Lake Eufaula has a bunch of plants that look like something from Outer Limits. Wife wants one. The plants done got her! #

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