Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tips, pigs, colons ... and other news

Douglas Adams was right. I love the sound deadlines make as they whoosh by.

Business tip: If something you insisted upon later causes a problem, if you can then offer the solution, you're the hero.

That business tip doesn't work everywhere. The arsonist fireman, for instance. But in coding, it's very true.

My favorite episode of Cagney & Lacey was the one where -- no, wait, that was Jake & the Fat Man. Never mind.

Pelosi: Buy my pig. It's in this poke.

Former Reform Party governor: Tea Party is "a laugh."

Brooks Bayne asked Twitter: "why do you allow, @AlqassamBrigade, a terrorist organization, on twitter?" Obviously, he didn't think before he asked. Twitter allows them for the same reason they allow @HouseDemocrats: Being a group of left-wing America-haters doesn't disqualify anyone.

Quick! Pass Obamacare before the herpes gets us all!

Quick! Pass Obamacare before we see Harry Smith's colon on TV!

Any bets on what they'll find during Harry Smith's colonoscopy? I'm thinking his head; it's been up his ass for years.

Shower politics, back waxes, legislative gropefests. What are we, Europe?

Obama wants to ban sport fishing? (tip: Gateway Pundit) If that happens, how will Rahm deliver his messages?

All Charlie Crist was trying to say is that Marco Rubio is a hairy little Cuban. Now, isn't that better?

POTUS vs SCOTUS? Careful, Obama. They may decide to hear that birth certificate thing after all.

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