Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Headline News Returns Again

Sorry, but I'm fighting a cold and drugs. Anyway, here's some news:
From AJC:
Planets march in a winter parade
Gravitational forces wreak havoc on holiday floats

From AJC:
U.S. Election Voted Top News Story of '04
Just like 4 years ago. And 4 years before that. And 4 years before that. And...

From AJC:
Texas Still No. 1 in Executions in 2004
Auburn University disputes, demands playoffs

From AJC:
Mercury hits 17, lowest in nearly 2 years
Is the "bully planet" finally calming down?

From AJC:
Church set to extend its reach via spinoff
Sherman Helmsley to star

From CNN:
Pakistan opposition leader held
Likes cuddling

From CNN:
Science in a spin over spider web
Spells out "some pig"

From The Washington Post:
Accord Reached on D.C. Stadium
How car got up there still a mystery

From The Washington Post:
Ukrainian Candidates Trade Barbs In Debate
Yushchenko takes Streisand, Yanukovych takes Eden

From The New York Times:
Shareholder Sues to Halt Grey Bid
Deal fell apart after picture in attic found

From The New York Times:
Watching as Dusty Disks Slowly Turn Into Planets
Geeks answer to normal folks' watching paint dry

From The New York Times:
Why Students Struggle When Pressure Is On
uh, pressure?

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  1. "some pig"...HAH! good one. must have been the drugs.


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