Saturday, December 18, 2004

Dude, You're Getting A Gateway…

Well, it's the weekend. Or did you notice that, already? I thought so. Anyway, Friday, I drove clean across the state (showered before I left) to visit with my son. He's a senior in high school. Delivered his Christmas present. Got him a Gateway laptop. Okay, they call them notebooks these days. What I call notebooks are today called three-ring binders. I have a hard time keeping up with all the meaning of words changing. Anyway, he got a Gateway 320X. Why Gateway and not a Dell? Easy. It was about $100 cheaper. Now, I realize that one day Dell is cheaper and the next Gateway is cheaper. Well, when I ordered it, Gateway was cheaper. And, I'm cheap.

My daughter who's off at college has a Dell[shameless link - buy stuff!]. It was the cheaper when I bought it. She's happy with it. Or, I think she is. Anyway, my son's notebook arrived last week and I got it all set up for him. Downloaded the Windows XP Pro updates, got his McAfee AntiVirus[shameless link - buy stuff!] installed, and the such. Got it all ready to give to him this weekend. I know, you're expecting some horror story. But, sorry to disappoint. I gave it to him Friday night and he was thrilled. He wasn't surprised, as he picked it out. But, very pleased, nonetheless.

No insane rants this time. Sorry. Sometimes things go very well. Don't worry, though. It won't last. Oh, for those interested, I have some Headline News to post. I was saving up hoping that Frank J. would have a Headline Fun® feature today, but he didn't. So, if he doesn't have a posting by bedtime (shortly), look for those (or look out for those) in the morning.


  1. My son (your nephew) is getting a desktop. Ever since he told me he someone took his CD player (which he would have surgically attached) due to his carelessness, I decided he didn't need to have a portable computer...and besides I am as cheap as you are, too.

  2. I take offense, big sis. I may be cheap, but you... words fail me. But enough of the cheap insults. [rimshot]

    I understand about your concern. But, when he turns 18, I'm sure you'll take the attitude that he's grown and responsible and can have a laptop is he so desires.

    Oh, and for anyone reading her name, It's "MamaCoolD" and not "MamaCoOld."

  3. the son LOVES his laptop...toted it around at Christmas...showed it off...


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