Sunday, December 26, 2004

More Headline News

As promised, Headline News left over from the holidays.
From AJC:
YMCA Chief Fired for Transgender Ball Flap
Defends saying "The ball should have been a clue"

From AJC:
Rain to move out, cold to move in
Rain to get deposit back

From CNNmoney:
Oil slips on milder weather
Falls, hurts back

From CNN:
New rules aim for more efficient do-not-call registry
"Do not call" not clear enough

From CNNinternational:
Shooting leaves Montoya paralysed
"Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to -- Wait! I thought we were using swords!"

From CNNinternational:
Europe catches Christmas spirit
Expected to get over it soon

From BBC:
From Kashmir to Kathmandu
New Led Zeppelin/Bob Seger CD released

From BBC:
Cardinal criticises Iraq war cost
Suggests clipping coupons, comparison pricing

From BBC:
Toys have lasting impact on brain
Toy hammers have greatest impact, Nerf balls the least

From BBC:
Epic to open Berlin Film Festival
"Faith No More" reunites for one night only

From The Christian Science Monitor:
Africa fights AIDS with girl power
Powerpuff Girls expected to be at least as effective as U.N. has been

From The Christian Science Monitor:
More signs of Syria turn up in Iraq
Exploding Syrians were the first clue

From The Washington Times:
Education panel proposes floating religious holidays
Buoyancy of Holidays may be a factor

From Ananova:
Strike hits Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve hits back

From CNN:
Fathers' group targets UK queen
Elton John object of wrath

From AJC:
Whale tangled up in the blue
Greenpeace sues Bob Dylan

From CNN:
Teen sues over Confederate flag prom dress
Wants to be placed on pole over South Carolina statehouse

From CNN:
Holiday heartburn -- or heart attack?
Either way you get to leave the noisy kids at the table

From CNN:
Outback life easier with modern tactics
Steakhouse now accepts credit cards

From The Washington Post:
Bookstores' Story Time Not Just for Kids
"Then he was kissing her again. His cool, wet tongue pushing past her lips, finding and stroking her own tongue, tasting her..."

From The Washington Post:
Tribal Money Linked to GOP Fundraising
Finally an explanation of why the networks called them "red states"

From The Washington Post:
Ukrainians Go Back to Ballot Box
The line at that box is huge!

From CNN:
Man gives $35,000 to Denver homeless
Nearby liquor store sells $35,000 of cheap wine

From The New York Times:
Going One-on-One With the Boss
Sleeping your way to the top

Glad we could get together.


  1. your headlines are always funny, hope your cold has gone away. mine is in full swing now, cough, snot, mild fever, etc...i'm sure you know the symptoms well... even though i can't speak louder than a hoarse croak, i can at least type my wish that you and yours have a Happy New Year!

  2. "Teen Sues over Confederate Flag Prom Dress"
    Boy says " That's what happens when you r dad names you Sue"

  3. Good one. I can tell the medication has already kicked in. Get well soon.


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