Monday, December 20, 2004

Every Family Has One, Some Have More

I got an e-mail from my big sister (the one that's 5'4"). She really did her best to include links to the stories, but you know big sisters are. Even those that are 5'4"
These are from AP headlines. I added some comments. They are not really funny but I added them so you could see where my mind was headed. Fix them first and post them on your blog.

Bush: Iraq Bombers 'Are Having an Effect'
However, "the cause" has yet to be determined

Iraq PM: Rebels Want to Cause Civil War
Rejected AM suggestion of Uncivil War

Bush Defends Rumsfeld As 'A Caring Fellow'
President takes part-time role in courtroom drama

Pregnant-Slay Probe Followed Cyber Trail
New generation of video game robotics allows virtual pregnancy

Freezing Temps Stretch South to Florida
Permanent employees found in South America with stolen fur coats

Ukrainian Rivals Face Off in TV Debate
Travolta/Cage nationalities confirmed in latest reality tv scandal

Companies Team Up for All-In-One HIV Pill
Orgy slated for holidays

Prosecutor Accuses Blake in Wife's Death
Prosecutor's wife says she was only drunk...not dead

Uncertain Investors Keep Stocks Mixed photo
If your stocks were mixed, wouldn't you be uncertain?

Owens Out for Regular Season, Maybe Longer
Corningware should still sell many bowls during Christmas season

New Menus Causing Calorie Sticker Shock

And, no, I didn't leave off the comment on the last one.


  1. BASIL!!! You were supposed to fix the comments...not post what I had written. I was just giving some ideas! See if I do that again! Big Sis is watching!

  2. Er, that you're a wise-behind? Ah, no, I knew that already.... Hmmmm....
    I learned not to send you e-mail????
    Help me out here...

  3. glad i don't have to spend Christmas at your parent's house....:)

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