Tuesday, December 14, 2004

It's Only Been 7 Days And Already It Seems Like A Week

So, a week ago I decided I wanted to start a blog. I guess you figured out that I did.

I like to go to a bunch of different blogs, but the funny ones are my favorite. I wish I could do that. But, it's their calling, not mine. Like I said in an earlier post, I like baseball. No, wait. I did say that, but that's not the topic right now. I said I enjoyed going to a couple of sites I found. Since I started this blog, I have found several other ones, some funny, some intriguing, some lame. And some really different.

One of my favorites, because he posts lots of stuff and the comments readers leave are sometimes really funny, is IMAO. Last weekend, Frank J. took a trip and left others in charge. They were funny. When Frank J. got back, he posted a filler piece called "A Few Crumbs," with the instructions "try grabbing a headline or news story and making a short witty comment like in the SNL news segment, The Daily Show, or any monologue for a late night talk show and put in the comments section." Well, it was a hit. Lots of comments, most funny, some hilarious. Frank J. was obviously pleased with the results, and he posted a "Best Of" list the next day in his piece called "Who Needs News Stories When You Have Headlines." Lots of responses to that one, too. Most funny, some hilarious.

So, stealing from IMAO, I'll post some of the comments that were left there. In order to protect myself from his minions, I'm only going to post my comments. Some, I think, are humorous. Some missed the mark. But, if you want to read some really funny stuff, go check all the comments on Frank J.'s site.
From the Savannah Morning News: "Troup Square residents want their armillary back" Meanwhile, the rest of Georgia wants to know what the hell an armillary is.

From the New York Times: "Green Acres, One Piece at a Time" Eddie Albert, Johnny Cash fans finally bury the hatchet.

From MSN: "Mars findings spark "second genesis" debate" Single Tobit theroy unshaken

From The Washington Post: "9/11 Cases Proving Difficult in Germany" The other 2/11 were easy.

From CNN: "Tom Wolfe wins bad sex award" Responds Wolfe, "So what? The worst I ever had ... was great!"

From BBC: "China 'no longer needs food aid'" U.S. children no longer have to finish their peas.

From BBC: "Mobile multimedia slow to catch on" Montgomery, Birmingham, and Tuscaloosa multimedia doing just fine.

From BBC: "Cuba starts 'huge' military drill" However, hugh military saw refuses to start.

From BBC: "Police break up Kashmir protest" Stairway to Heaven protest proceeds without incident.

From BBC: "Marriages made in hell" ... (I ain't sayin' nothing'!!!)

From the Washington Post: "Palestinians Say Israel Targets Militant Candidates" Also accuse water of being wet.

From Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Pa. Police Apologize for Scissors Arrest" Arrest of glue and sparkles still under investigation.

From CNN: "Earthquake jostles El Salvador" El Salvador responds, "Not tonight, I have a headache."

From the AJC: 'We want the truth to come out' Truth continues to deny rumors.

From FoxNews: "Mars Rovers See Water-Linked Material" Scientists name it "mud."

From CNN: "Martin Scorsese is still learning" Hopes to be able to pronounce his name by end of spring.

From Washington Post: "Worlds Tallest Bridge Inaugurated" ... despite DNC demands for recount.

From the Washington Post: "Muslim Scholar Gives Up Notre Dame Post" Just the latest setback in school's attempt to hire a football coach.

From the Washington Post: "Microsoft Unveils Software to Find Files" New software, priced at $129, is called: DIR /O/A/S/P

From USA Today: "Python accidentally shipped" John Cleese re-packed in peanuts, returned.

From USA Today: "Diet-Parkinson's may be linked" Evidence of hyphen confirmed.

From The Milwaukee Channel: "Missing Wisconsin Man Finds Self" Seeks reward.

From WESH: "Investigators Search Shelves For Recalled Toys" All researchers at Cracker Barrel remembered Slinky and Mr. Potato Head, but only a few recalled Woolie Willie.

From Local6: "God Used To Sell Food On Controversial Billboard" ... but quit to spend more time with His Family.

From CNNmoney: "Fed raises another quarter" Budget deficit now stands at $115,199,999,999.75

From the New York Times: "Democrats Say They'll Assume Watchdog Role" Previous role as special interests lapdog yet to be filled.

From the New York Times: "College Fails in Bid to Grow Marijuana" At least, that's the explanation they gave for the missing plants.

From FoxNews: "Flu Shot Supply Grows, but Demand Withers" "I'll not go quietly," singer responds.

From MSNBC: "Coke, rivals see market for flavored water" Sheepishly admit they never realized why their products were selling before now.

From MSN: "Kitty says 'Hello' via cell phone" Matt, Festus amazed.

From MSN/PCWorld: "Tracking Spam to Its Source" The Hormel Company is finally located.

From ABC News: "Next-Generation Mammogram More Accurate, Less Painful" Rand, Chapel happy for Troi, Crusher.

From ABC News: "Antarctic Penguin Chicks Face Starvation" ABCNews.com recycles previous night's "Futurama" episode; tomorrow's news: Robot crosses picket line.
Yes, I know, some of these are lame. One or two might actually be funny, though. There is lots of funny over at IMAO, RightWingDuck, The Gleeson Bloglomerate, ScrappleFace, Mother, May I Sleep with Treacher?, protein wisdom, Iowahawk, and others. These focus mostly on being funny. I think most of them mean to. Check them out. The others you see listed on the right under "Cool Web Sites" are just that: Cool Web Sites, to me anyway.

While this blog might be a waste of time, you may find something at one of these that's worthwhile.


  1. No. The comments are hosted on HaloScan, and I have no idea what happened to them. I received notificaton of the posting, but I don't see them online. They may be lost, I don't know. I'm researching to find out what has happened.

  2. These were some of my favorites. I even saw them on imao. Did you post them or did they? Big Sis (who's still 5'4")

  3. I posted them over there before posting them here. Frank J. doesn't need to come here and steal comedy.


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