Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Consumer Warning

You know how on medications they have warnings like "Do not operate heavy machinery" and such? And you know how I've mentioned that I've been fighting a cold and taking medications? And that I don't do medications well?

Well, they should add "Do not operate a shower massage" on that medication. You must really have all your faculties to keep them under control and pointed in the right direction.

I'm going to go lay down now.


  1. Are you coughing a lot? If not, get something without the dextromothorphan. That's the cough suppressant that's making you feel so yukky. The sudafed shouldn't make you drowsy. The CM (is that drixoral?) is the antihistimine, but it should not make you drowsy. If it does, replace it with loratidine (claritin) and see if that helps.
    Big Sis (who's still only 5'4")

  2. No, I'm not coughing much, but I did say "ow, ow, ow" when the shower massage hit delicate spots, though.

    Now, aren't you glad you asked?

  3. maybe you should get off the meds and stop trying to be a master debater in the shower. LMAO

  4. I'm not gonna ask where you hung your loofa... :)


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