Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Son of Headline News Returns Again

Frank J. over at IMAO has posted Holiday Headline Fun. They funny. Go read. Oh, and here are some of my offerings:
From AJC:
Waffle House, Tyrone try to work out sticky differences
Waitress apologizes for spilling syrup on former Notre Dame coach

From WFTV:
Teen Accused Of Shooting Santa With Pellet Gun
Weapon identified as an official Red Ryder, carbine action, 200-shot, Range Model air rifle with a compass on the stock and this thing which tells time.

From The Washington Post:
Raptor Tests Suspended After Crash
T-Rex tests to continue

From The Washington Post:
Ukraine Candidate Raises Language Issue
... or so we think. We counldn't understand a word he said

From The Washington Post:
Judge Rejects Guilty Plea In Spam Case
U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein soon to be deluged with e-mails

From BBC:
UK charity pulls out of Darfur
A frustrated Darfur could not be reached for comment

From BBC:
Should you believe your ears?
I can't believe your ears, either

From BBC:
Four Galileo spacecraft ordered
Supersized, with fries and a Coke

From BBC:
Body in field 'not suspicious'
Police: 'Around here, it happens all the time. Nothing to get worked up over. Move along now.'

From The Times Online:
England find eighth wonder
Brits admit: "To be honest, we had wondered about it all this time. Then it suddenly hit us..."

From The Times Online:
Rowling whizzes out a new Potter
Question of where she gets ideas finally answered

From The Times Online:
China tells Tom and Jerry to hit each other in Mandarin
MGM still hasn't told Beijing that the characters do not speak

From The Times Online:
Mars shows its icy top
"Planets Gone Wild" video released

From The Times Online:
Battle on for Christmas No 1
Jesus holds slight edge over Santa, Frosty

From The Times Online:
Virgin territory, but someone has to visit
Wise men, shepherds expected on the 25th

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