Thursday, December 30, 2004

Son of Headline News Returns

From ABC News:
Restaurant for Anorexics Offers Food for Thought
Today's Special: Chicken Soup for the Soul

From ABC News:
Patients Upset Over End of Parkinson's Drug Trial
Hung Jury Leaves All Frustrated

From ABC News:
The Year of the Boob
Man of the Year: Michael Moore

From CNN:
It's Ken Jennings vs. old champs
George Forman wins with knockout in first minute

From CNN:
Family files lawsuit over AIDS drug death
Would rather have died of AIDS

From CNN International:
Grugger claims first World Cup win
After years of grugging, finally a win

From CNN International:
India issues tsunami alert
Better late than never

From Yahoo! News Asia:
FBI Probes Laser Beam Directed at Cockpit
Blofield at it again

From BBC:
Police stations 'need makeover'
Will receive on "Maury"

From BBC:
Virgin soars towards new frontier
Won't remain a virgin long

From ABC News:
Alcohol May Boost HIV Risk from Oral Sex
Drunk girls more likely to go down

From ABC News:
Canada Finds Suspected New Case of Mad Cow
Ontario MP Carolyn Parrish to be tested

AARP poised to fight Bush on Social Security
Bush unafraid: "They're old. I can take them."

From NPR:
Bush Ups Aid Commitment to Tsunami Victims
Tells U.N. "Up Yours"

From Sign On San Diego:
Maelstrom in the middle
"Malcom" sequel to debut in March

From CNN:
'Santa's Helpers' busted in drug arrests
Simpsons' dog faces multiple charges

From CNN:
Twister spins over Southern California
One-third of state places right hand on green

From CNN:
Alleged Elvis water brings $455 eBay bid
Water spews when all shook up

As US Airways struggles, industry ponders 'what if'
More fun than 'what is'

From TheBostonChannel:
Senate Committee Recommends Big Dig Oversight
First porn star to make it through confirmation hearings

From CNN:
Indians return after tsunami alert
Cleveland to open spring training early

From The Washington Post:
Spam Lowers Its Appeal
Now has negative appeal

From NewsNet5:
Official: Teacher Not At Fault For Student's Beating
Student needed his ass whipped


  1. i've learned to wait till after i read your headline posts to open a beer....saves the trouble of wiping down my monitor :)

  2. and stop being mean to your big sister!

  3. She's tough. She can take it. But, I'm certain she appreciates the concern.

    Of course, you know, she will get me back seven-fold.


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