Thursday, December 23, 2004

Purging the System

Moehawk was kind enough to point out that my headlines are showing the effects of the medication. And I'm guessing that's not a good thing. I guess in a couple of days, I'll find out. That's about how long it takes for the little medicine-thingys to get bored and leave the system. I haven't taken anything yet today, and hope I don't.

Anyway, while I'm waiting for the meds to wear off, I have some unfinished business. Last weekend, I went by Wal-Mart[shameless link - but stuff!] in my hometown. I was in my hometown dropping off my son and daughter's Christmas presents. Anyway, I had to buy some stuff. Including socks. See, I left socks at the house Friday, and thought wearing clean socks was a good idea. So I bought socks. When I went to put them on, I noticed the bag was resealable. I paused. Resealable socks? I tried the bag. Sure enough, resealable socks. Well, at least, now I know where Adrian Monk buys his socks.

There was something else, but I forget what it was. Boy, I can't wait for these drugs to wear off. Maybe I'll be clean and sober by Christmas.


  1. all i meant by that comment was that there weren't ENOUGH headlines, not that they were bad. on the contrary, they were funny as usual! :)

  2. Well, I certainly appreciate that. Of course, you realize that you're just encouraging me to stay on drugs. On the other hand, I finally understood an episode of Super Milk Chan. That'll scare anyone off drugs.

  3. when i typed in the now infamous comment, i was actually wondering if you might have fallen asleep (due to the cold medication,of course) before you were able to finish scanning the headlines and bringing the funny to us, your loyal reader. before you had the cold, and the meds, your headline posts were a lot longer, and when i clicked over to your site, i would (helluva run-on sentence going on here...) read the first few, and get a smile, the next ones would make me chuckle, two or three later, a snicker, and all the rest would give me the beer-spraying belly laugh that i was looking for.
    then you got hooked on drugs, and while your posts were as funny as ever, they ended before the belly laughed, and the beer sprayed.

    i've never watched Super Milk Chan, but the commercials that i've seen for it on CN tend to make me think that you must be enjoying something to let you appreciate it, maybe drugs, maybe just good old-fashioned youth.
    Merry Christmas, Basil and all your family (even the drunken great aunt, if your family has one too!)

  4. And a happy Christmas to you and yours.


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