Monday, February 6, 2006

Happy Birthday To My Gay Son

Yeah, that title ought to garner some attention. And I don't just mean from my son, either.

No, I'm not talking about my flesh-and-blood offspring. Rather, I'm talking about my adopted blog-son, aTypical Joe.

Joe's not my actual son. In fact, Joe's a couple of years older than me. About seven, actually.

And today's not Joe's birthday. It's his blog's birthday. His Blogiversary, if you will.

I discovered Joe's blog a while back when I was looking for other blogs in the area. He's located about 90-100 miles from me. Which, at the speed of blogs, isn't all that far.

And when I first saw his blog, my thoughts were "A Gay New Yorker Living In The Rural South?" Okay, I thought that because that's what it said across the top. Up in the banner. But that said it all. And it said to me: A Liberal.

Now, if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm not a liberal. I'm a conservative. Extremely conservative. But I decided to see what this Yankee Liberal had to say.

And his views are the same as many of the liberal views. But he did something that I don't see a lot: he thought his positions through.

Okay, don't make the assumption that liberals don't think their positions through. Some do. Some don't. You usually hear the loud ones. They are the ones substituting volume for reason. It's those that use reason that you don't always hear.

Joe's one of those. And while I disagree with many of the positions he reaches, I respect his process for reaching them. And I respect him.

So, I took a liking to Joe. Not because he's a thinking man's liberal. But because he's a thinking man. The world needs more thinking men.

Anyway, from time to time, Joe has consented to blog for me during absenses. And it's always fun or thought-provoking to read what he writes, here or at his blog.

Like I said, Joe's blog turned one year old today. And he paid me the ultimate blogger's compliment today:
If I have a blogfather, it is Basil.

I'm not actually Joe's blogfather. That is, I didn't inspire him to start a blog or anything of the sort.

Now, for me, my blogfathers are actually Frank J. and RightWingDuck from IMAO. They inspired me to blog. They don't know that, but they did.

But, my spiritual blogfather is Harvey from Bad Example. He's taken the time and effort to help me though this journey called blogging. So blame him.

As my mentor and spritual blogfather, Harvey is a man I greatly appreciate and respect.

And the thought that Joe might have some of the same thoughts towards me is quite humbling.

It's Joe's Blogiversary. But I get the presents.

Thanks, Joe!


  1. Yes, Basil.

    I know you're my blog child. I'm glad that you were inspired to begin your own blog.

    I have a gay grand-blogson? Dick Cheney eat your heart out.

  2. Duck, you DO have a gay grand-blogson! And so do Frank and Harvey!

    Basil, thanks for the compliments and thanks for the support. I have followed your instruction and also your example - now some of my New York Yankee friends worry that I may be following your politics too. (But, hey, they don't read my blog).

    The truth is that you found my little blog very quickly. Your first comment is 10 days after I started and your comment on my very first post came a few days after that. And through the ups and downs, highs and lows, those busy and blasé blogging days, your support kept me going. It does so still.

    Thanks for the help with the redesign. Thanks for each and every time you've ever linked to me. And thanks for accepting, respecting and trying to understand my opinions, as I accept, respect and try to understand yours. I'm a better person for it.

  3. Thought your friend might like to know that this "Birthdate" thing is shared with President Reagan. I looked for something linked here and there was nothing. So here's a small offering:

    Best to you both.


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