Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Headline News 2006-02-14

From ABC News:
Iraq Vet Says Dems Made Him Drop Senate Bid
Explains: "Military training taught me to withstand conventional tourture, but not Howard Dean"

From ABC News:
Woman Allegedly Tries to Buy Pot From Cops
Attorney: "Needed to complete her cookware collection"

From ABC News:
Man's Elbow, Mistaken for Squirrel, Shot
Dick Cheney held for questioning

From ABC News:
Couple Reunite After More Than 60 Years
The divorce didn't work out

From ABC News:
Gay Bishop Is Treated for Alcoholism
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Valentine's Day or April Fool's? Vienna gays unsure
Inability to read calendar a major problem for Austrian homosexuals, experts stumped

From ABC News:
Two more Britons arrested over Iraq abuse tape
Tape violates copyright of new ITV show, "Who Wants To Beat Up A Terrorist?"

From ABC News:
Scientists Discover New Assassin Spiders
Still searching for Suicide Bomber Spider

From ABC News:
Spam Slayer: Next-Generation Spam
Wil Wheaton signs with Symantec

From ABC News:
Britney Spears to Join Mardi Gras
Singer called most appropriate symbol of 'Fat Tuesday'

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