Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pet Peeves

White Trash Wednesdays

Basil and his old lady was talking with me the other day and she said something about being one of her pet peeves. I asked her to tell me about it ... but then she started compalinng complaining about stuff.

Ain't that just like a woman? Aske her a simple quesion and she starts whining and bcomplaingn about stuff she don't like.

Anyhow, her talking about pet peeves made me think about some of the pets I've had.

I had a pet squirrel one time. But the cats got it.

Of course I had some pet cats. Kept them around to keep the squirrels out of the yard.

When I was just a little thing, I had me a pet alligator we got from a visit to Chico's Monkey Farm near Richmond Hill. Bet you didn't know they sold alligators there, huh? But they did.

Grannny wouldn't let me keep it. I had to flush it down the commode.

And back in junior high school I had a pet rock ... but it ran away.

I've had dogs, but they was more for hutning than as pets. I've had other critters and such. Even a gold fish one time. But it drownded.

And that's about all the pets I had. Never had me a peeve. B ut I'd like to get one. I hear they's fun.

But when Basil's wife started complaining instead of telling me about her pet peeeves, she told about some of the ladies at the place she works.

And I guess "ladies" aint' the right words. She said some of them is real nasty. Like when she goes to the bathroom, she said they've peed all over the toilet seats.

Now, I've used public bathrooms before -- the mens room, you know. And lots of times, they've got pee on the seats.

I can see how a guy will do that. I ain't excusing it, but some folks can't aim good. Part of it is that you can't aim too short a hose. Part of it is that maybe they're too excited to be aroudn other fellows with their johnsons hanging out and they can't aim it too good. And then sometimes they just are pretty sorry shots when it comes to aiming.

But, hows a woman get pee all over the toilet seat. I mean, if your bottom is firmly seated on the porcelin, how do you miss?

She said she hates women that stand up to pee. it really grosses her out.

Me too. I mean, women that stand up to pee? Who do they think they are? Hilllary Clinton?

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  1. You fergot about yore pet black widow spider you kept in the baby food jar and scared yore sister with all the time.

  2. Judy? Still got her! She don't eat much.


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