Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Headline News 2006-02-01

From ABC News:
Couple's Basement Is Flooded With Oil
Clampetts expect to move to Beverly, Hills that is

From ABC News:
Deaths in Calif. Shootings Rise to Seven
Murtha, Dean call for U.S. to pull out of California

From ABC News:
Bush sets terms for US to engage Hamas
Terms included: "When hell freezes over" and "Over my dead body"

From ABC News:
Europeans React to Bush's Speech
Germans, French upset speech was delivered in English

From ABC News:
Mexico's cowboy president guns for place in history
Was inspiration for "Brokeback Mountain"

From ABC News:
Why Is a Dog Attending the State of the Union Address?
She was elected as senator from New York

From CNN:
Alito's dance card as justice already full
Ginsberg first in line, Souter asks to be next

From CNN:
Bin Laden aide taunts Bush
Howard Dean appears on new tape

From CNN:
The things Jill Hennessy loves
Benjamin Bratt's thing, Chris Noth's thing, Sam Waterston's thing

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