Wednesday, February 1, 2006

I Want to Join the Bad Example Clan Because

UPDATE: I made it! Thanks!

This little blog started in December 2004. Just because I wanted to see if having a blog was as much fun as reading blogs.

The first blog I visited with any regularity was Little Green Footballs. It was fun to read. And sometimes painful to read. I got to see lots of idiots on all sides of the political spectrum, but overall, the leanings of Charles Johnson and many of his readers were in line with mine.

But then I discovered humor blogs. Specifically, IMAO. And from there, I discovered Right Wing Duck. And those two blogs inspired me to start this little blog. So blame them.

But since starting this little blog, I've discovered many, many others that have become favorites. Including the blogger who has become my mentor (whether he likes it or not): Harvey from Bad Example.

I never really thought about what I liked about Bad Example ... or Harvey. I just knew I liked what I liked.

But this week, Harvey listed some things that he thinks might explain things:

  • A belief that new bloggers should be supported and encouraged.

  • A belief that blogging should be fun.

  • A well-developed sense of humor that has no fear of occasionally being juvenile or off-color.

  • A thick skin when it comes to being teased.

  • An ability to laugh at yourself.

And I like to think that I am nearly succeeding in meeting those objectives. I don't always succeed. But I try.

Now, I'm actually Frank J.'s and RightWingDuck's bastard child. Or this blog is the bastard child blog of Frank J.'s blog and RightWingDuck's blog. And that's not bad.

But I've always been happy to have been accepted by Harvey as a blogger that he can occasionally call on. Although we're not a member of the Bad Example Family, in spirit, I feel that we've been inspired by Bad Example and the Bad Example Family. And we've been accepted as a Bad Example Window Peeper. Sort of like a nosy neighbor.

So, is being Harvey's Gladys Kravitz (although I am actually more like Abner) a bad thing? No, it's not a bad thing at all. It's a good thing.

But Harvey's gone and realized that there are a bunch of blogs that aren't technically part of the Bad Example Family, but are in spirit. And I'd like to think this little blog meets that criteria.

Anyway, he's officially acknowledging an extended family. He calls it the Bad Example Clan. As he put it:
Loosely based on Scottish notions of extended family, the Bad Example Clan allows those who share the Bad Example Family Values to form a community of mutual support and playfulness, united by a single name...

So, I'd like to think that we are part of the Bad Example Clan.

To that end, I'm applying for membership in the Bad Example Clan. And this post is the first hoop to jump through.

The second hoop? It's this:
Get three members of the Bad Example Family (as listed on the official Bad Example Family Blogroll in my sidebar) to vouch for your character by linking your application post.

So, if you're a member of the Bad Example Family, and can vouch for my character, I'm asking you to lie for me vouch for my character. If three do that, I'll be able to jump the next hoop.

And I need the exercise.

UPDATE: First Bad Example Family Member to lie vouch for us: Sissy of And What Next

UDPATE: VW Bug of One Happy Dog Speaks also vouched for us, followed quickly by Contagion of Miasmatic Review. Thanks!

Now ... on to the next hoop!


  1. I will definitely vouch for you! I'll even stay up past my bedtime to post my vouchiness for you! :-)

  2. Gotta Have Him...

    Basil has to be part of the clan!! He just has to be. He's done the first step . If it wasn't for Basil's daily Headline News, I'd never know what was going on in the world. And if it......

  3. Sissy:
    Thank you for the support! I really apprciate it.

  4. You got my support. Putting out the voucher now.

  5. Basil Voucher...

    Here is another voucher for Basil at Basil's blog. His reason for becoming a member just shocks me. But I'll vouch for him anyway.......

  6. I'll vouch for these two as well....

    Ah, what the hell! I guess the Voucher police aren't going to come and yank my still pending BE Clan status from me. Thus, I will go ahead and vouch for Basil of Basil's blog. He's were I go when......

  7. Looks like you're all vouched up. Just need the quote & tartan/badge.

  8. Yay, I'm late to the party, but Yay!

  9. Thank you. Thank you all. Now to start adding graphics...

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  11. And I've always already considered you "Uncle Basil".


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