Thursday, February 2, 2006

Headline News 2006-02-02

From CNN:
Possible tornado slams New Orleans airport
Bush blamed

From CNN:
Paul Clinton, film critic, dead
Gets 10 toes up

Fom ABC News:
Women Sue Wal-Mart for Not Stocking Morning-After Pill
Low morals woman sues low price leader

From ABC News:
Students in Tutus Saved From Mountain Road
Mountain men said mouths "sure looked purty"

From AFP/Yahoo:
Jack the Ripper Britain's Top Villain
Edges Tony Blair, George Bush

From ABC News:
Google Defends Censorship of Web Sites
Statement: "We made a xxxxxx decision to xxxxx certain blogs because xxxxx issues were raised by xxxxxx."

From Washington Post:
King Won't Lie at Capitol
Senators and Congressmen do all the time

From CBC News:
Cartoon Inflames Muslim World
Crucifix in urine still okay


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