Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Headline News 2006-02-28

From ABC News:
Conn. Man Sells Holy Hardware on eBay
Holy Handgrenade found

From ABC News:
Sen. Clinton Says Rove Obsesses About Her
Thinks she's hot

From ABC News:
Grandma: Child groom to seek divorce
Also wants new Playstation for birthday

From ABC News:
Georgia finds bird flu virus
Waycross residents concerned

From ABC News:
Pirates seize Indian vessel
Dodgers offer to mediate crisis

From KCCI:
Mom follows son to college
He forgot his jacket

From WRTV:
Cheers, jeers greet controversial play
Colts decision to run out the clock praised, derided

From KPRC:
Police: Student charged with stabbing classmate
Gets a 'B' in terrorism

From CNN:
Hundreds face new sentences in Ohio
Must have them diagramed, all verbs conjugated by weekend

From CNN:
Socialite wife found death on her doorstep
Grim Reaper partied all night, went to wrong house


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