Friday, February 10, 2006

Headline News 2006-02-10

From ABC News:
Al Michaels' Deal Reunites Disney, Rabbit
Jessica leaves Roger for Walt's frozen corpse

From ABC News:
Woman Whistles Through Her Toes
Farts through her nose

From ABC News:
Burglar Eats, Watches TV and Checks E-Mail
You've Got Robbed

From ABC News:
Man Marries Bride Right After Sentencing
Now a finalist Most Appropriate Timing of a Wedding in 2006

From ABC News:
Sleep Is the New Sex
Wet dreams at all-time high

From ABC News:
Pope says science no threat to faith
Cites Galileo's 1633 recantation* as proof

From ABC News:
Al Qaeda Tried to Outsource L.A. Skyscraper Terror Plot
Cheap, Chinese terrorists plot foiled

From ABC News:
In rare flop, Starbucks scraps chocolate drink
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Web Site Lets Public Track Alaska Volcano
Amber Alert issued

From ABC News:
Sperm Whales Use Engines As 'Dinner Bells'
Pavlov's Whales found

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