Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Headline News 2006-02-08

From WCVB:
Hospital records faxed to bank
Loan rates cost consumers an arm and a leg

From KPRC:
Man with dementia, diabetes missing
Jimmy Carter last seen in Atlanta

From CNN:
Mexican clinics sell hope, questionable cures
Donkey sex shows only a sideline

From UPI:
Scientist predicts 'mini Ice Age'
Plan to call it 'winter'

From Columbus Ledger-Enquirer:
King funeral makes for rare chance to see four US presidents
Most wallets contain only three

From ABC News:
Less snow in Rockies slows release of CO2 emissions
Global warming cited as cure for global warming, environmentalists hail breakthrough

From ABC News:
Male circumcision protects women from AIDS: study
At least until the soreness goes away

From ABC News:
Three more killed in cartoon protests
Religion of Peace shares the love

From ABC News:
Archaeologists Unearth Headless Sphinx
Will call it "a lion"

From ABC News:
Ralph Fiennes Splits With Longtime Love
Publicist: "He'll really miss his right hand"


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