Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Headline News 2006-02-22

From ABC News:
California Execution Postponed Indefinitely
Alabama, Texas doctors offer to assist

From ABC News:
Olympic Ski Coach Acknowledges Suicide Attempt
Failure to follow through cost him the gold

From ABC News:
These Foods Fool Your Body Into Feeling Full
McDonald's add Sawdust Happy Meal to menu

From ABC News:
China Said Cracking Down on Junk E-Mail
Mad rush for Chinese e-mail accounts ensues

From ABC News:
Girl Weds Dog to Ward Off 'Evil Eye'
Now officially a crazy bitch

From ABC News:
Locals Want Pancakes on Ohio Water Tower
Mayor waffles on support

From ABC News:
Why Martin and Malcolm Wouldn't Make Much of a Difference Today
Not considered "Black enough" by Democratic party

From ABC News:
The Misadventures of Celebrity Impersonators
Paris Hilton passes self off as celebrity for years

From ABC News:
Pope Benedict XVI Names New Cardinals
Tony LaRussa keeps job

From ABC News:
Meter-Long Monsters That Smell Like Lilies
New Ex-Lax scented laxitives hit shelves


  1. Headlyin' Newz...

    From Fox News:
    California Execution Delayed Indefinitely
    Most feel California unjustly accused....

  2. Oh, He Was Also Misinformed...

    It turns out the President has about as much information regarding the Dubai Ports deal as we do.

    Well... at least he found out about it... after his Administration approved it for him....

  3. Wednesday...

    Suldog-O-Rama: Winter Carnival Of The Insane Gigolokitty!: Love Advice #1 Basil's Blog: Headline News IMAO: War On Terror Greeting Card Scrappleface: Bush: Port Deal Provides Scapegoat in Terror Attack Cox and Forkum: Toonophobia Nose On Your Face: T...


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