Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ain't technocracy great!

It's been technology week from hell.

A week ago, my MacBook went into the shop. Problem with the battery swelling, as it turned out, causing it to push against the bottom of the trackpad, which caused phantom mouse-clicks.

Battery isn't covered by AppleCare, so it was $129 (plus tax) to fix.

Then, Wife's computer had issues. She was running out of hard drive space. So, Saturday, we bought a larger hard drive (upgraded from 60 GB to 160 GB; yes, it's an old laptop, well out of warranty), and more RAM. That, plus an adapter to help copy from one drive to another, ran that bill for that to over $200 (plus tax).

Couldn't find the original disks that came with the Dell, so I had to order them. They came the day after the Mac got back from the shop. But there was a problem the disc drive, so I had to find an external disc to reinstall all the software.

Then, the wifi drivers wouldn't work and I had to find new ones ... Okay, you get the point. It was one thing then another. But, finished restoring her computer tonight.

Of course, last night, the battery in my BlackBerry died. And wouldn't recharge. So, I had a dead BlackBerry until I went by the Verizon store this afternoon and bought another battery (yes, it was the battery; charger works on the new battery, just not on the old one). They're $39 (plus tax).

So, I've spent over $400 in the last week to have the same old two computers and same old phone running.

Like the man said, "Ain't technocracy great!"

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