Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another dimension

Frank J had a post about alternate universes ... and wondered if we could trade Obama to one.

Then, he mixed his metaphors ... or his TV shows; the Star Trek reference turned into a Twilight Zone reference. I thought only I did stuff like that.

Still, he made an interesting proposition. And it got me to thinking.

What would happen if Barack Obama ended up in a Twilight Zone episode? Or, more to the point, which Twilight Zone episode would I like to most see happen to Obama?

Here are some possibilities...

Time Enough At Last: At the end, Obama breaks his teleprompter.

The Howling Man: At the end, Obama gets locked up again on the monastery's basement.

Twenty Two: This episode gets renamed "Forty Four."

The Dummy: David Axelrod co-stars.

What You Need: This one will play out exactly the same way.

The Whole Truth: Yes, Obama is the Khrushchev character.

To Serve Man: Wait! This is actually happening. Let's take this one back.

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