Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coke, fire, pizza ... and other news

Being tired. Setting up an old computer. And just plain being a slacker.

That's my excuse ... or excuses ... for not doing much on teh Twitter or teh Blogger the past few days.

And now I'm all out of excuses. So, looking over what's been happening...

25 years ago last week, Coca-Cola dropped their old formula for New Coke. I celebrated by drinking an RC.

Did you see the story where a Black man beat, stabbed, and burned a White supremacist. Police are still seeking a motive. Really? They have no idea?

In Woodstock, Georgia, five townhouses burned by a flaming action figure.

Doctor told me I needed to lose weight. So, I went to Subway for lunch. You know they got pizza? Mmmm pizza. Losing weight never tasted so good.

I find myself fast-forwarding through ADHD commercials on TiVo. Should I get that looked at?

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  1. Coke changing its formula was one of the scariest days of my life.

    I was luckier than most. Found a cache of the "good stuff" in a gas station a few weeks after the big stores went New Formula.

    Then again, it brings up the conspiracist's question: idiotic marketing scheme or publicity stunt?


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