Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Whether or not Einstein said it, it's true that doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is a definition of insanity. Keep that in mind...

So many problems are created by government. Not that government is a bad thing; it's not. But out-of-control government is a very bad thing.

The bailouts -- first begun when Bush was president, but under the direction of a Democrat Congress -- were something I opposed when they were proposed.

The bank failure was caused by government. And the bailout was government getting more involved.

Think about this: if you put a bunch of monkeys in a room and let them run loose, and they caused damage to the walls and furniture, would you then give those same monkeys hammers, nails, and paint, asking them to fix things?

No, you'd remove the monkeys and deal with the consequences. It might be a rough time for a bit, what with all the mess the monkeys made, in addition to all the collateral damage that will result. But that's what you'd do.

Of course, it was your fault for putting the monkeys in charge to start with.

In case you missed it, them monkeys? Democrats. Keep that in mind in November.

And keep in mind that insanity quote.

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