Saturday, April 10, 2010

Russians, gypsies, commies ... and other news

Did you hear about the adoptive parents that sent the child back to Russia because he was behaving badly and wouldn't be good? Really. Can we do that with Obama? He and the Russians seemed to hit it off. It's a win-win!

Why didn't gypsies steal Barack Obama when he was little? It just shows that gypsies are smarter than 52% of the American electorate.

So, which al Qaeda lawyer will Obama nominate for the Supreme Court?

Know who'd be great for the Supreme Court? Me! Here's how it would go...
Lib attorney: If it pleases the court...
Me: It does not. Now, get outta my courtroom.
See? I'm exactly what the Supreme Court needs. Just imagine the State of the Union if that jackass took a shot as the Court? Obama would realize just how nice Joe Wilson was.

Obama's been in office nearly 15 months. We did get the extended warranty, right? We can return him, can't we?

Oh, I so miss my computer. Yes, the MacBook is still in the shop. So, I'm entirely dependent upon my BlackBerry for communication with the outside world. Well, that and the Dell laptop ... when Wife isn't on it.

Maybe it'll be ready today. But this Dell -- I'm on the Dell right now -- hasn't been the the shop once. Sure, some Windows software aggravations, but the hardware has been very dependable. So, what have I learned? We'll find out soon enough.

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  1. Basil, I had a crazy thought. You think ObozO might appoint Hillary?

    Like I said...crazy thought...

  2. "Hillary Clinton and the Supremes" just doesn't sound right, Andy.

    I like your Supreme Court dialog, Basil, but you could vary it a bit with,

    "Sorry, I'm deaf in my 'Listen to idiots' ear" and

    "Off with his head!"

    and such.


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