Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, I burned and buried some used tires, returning them to the earth from which they came.

Has anyone thanked Iceland for allowing us a glimpse inside the earth on this Earth Day? 12 hours ago reply

We should celebrate Earth Day each year by burying terrorists under yards of earth. They are bio-degradable, after all.

I remember the first Earth Day. I was 12. Young and stupid. That was before I realized that humans can't hurt the earth. Humans can hurt humans, and make it hard to live, but the earth doesn't care. It was here 4-1/2 billion years before humans came around, and will be here 4-1/2 billion years after we're gone.

Now, certainly, we don't want to sh*t where we eat. We do want to take care of things. But we don't need to be enviro-wacko about it.

And, if you disagree, go away. And come back when you've grown up ... and smartened up.

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