Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ash, golf, smoke ... and not much other news

A report says that volcano that's causing all the trouble won't actually change the climate. But driving an SUV will. Go figure.

Obama used Karl Rove's weather machine to make the volcano erupt so he could go golfing instead of to Kaczynski's funeral.

Those criticizing Obama for golfing forget that while on the course, he isn't bowing to any dictator. Or signing any tax bills.

Brooksville, Florida, wants to ban smoking by off-duty city employees. What's next? Don't Ask Don't Tell for tobacco next?

No, personally, I hate smoking. It stinks. It's unhealthy. And it stinks. Did I mention it stinks? And smells bad. And stinks. But, if you want to do that to your lungs, fine. Knock yourself out. But I really don't like it when you subject me to it. Or my children. Or my grandchildren. Ruin your own life, though.

But this city banning it for off-duty employees? That's too Big Brother for me.

However, the city should demand you follow me on teh Twitter: http://twitter.com/basilsblog

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