Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mind vs mindless

When someone who thinks interacts with someone who doesn't, it's always nice when the person who thinks wins the encounter.

That happened to another Basil recently. Basil White called TiVo support, and ...
Basil White: Can I create a wishlist entry online?

Alfonso: Thank you for contacting TiVo! My name is Alfonso. So that I may better assist you, are you an existing customer?

Basil White: yes

Alfonso: Thank you! In order to verify your identity, can you please provide the following account information?:
* address
* phone number(don't worry about adding dashes)
* Also, is the e-mail you provided the current, up to date e-mail on the account?
But it has a happy ending.

And this isn't the worst example of trying to ask a simple question and getting a bunch of useless questions thrown at you. But it does show that when silly questions get thrown your way, you can win.

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