Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rewarding losing

According to ABC's Jake Tapper, a new name has appeared on the president's short list of possible Supreme Court nominees: Leah Ward Sears.

Yes, the former Atlanta traffic court judge is on the short list.

Okay, sure, she also served as Superior Court judge, then state Supreme Court justice, and finally Chief Justice of Georgia.

But look at her career on the Supreme Court. Her major accomplishments include dissenting opinions on:
  • Club Southern Burlesque v. City of Carrollton (1995)
  • McIntyre v. State (1995)
  • Greene v. State (1996)
  • LaFontaine v. State (1998)
  • Lumpkin v. Johnson (1998)
  • Gibson v. Turpin (1999)
  • Wilson v. State(1999)
  • Howard v. State (2000)
  • Hill v. Head (2003)
  • O'Kelley v. Cox (2004)
  • Johnstone v. Thompson (2006)
  • Morrison v. State (2006)
  • Reaves v. State (2008)
  • State v. Davis (2008)
Keep in mind that "dissenting" means that she differed with the court. She was on the losing side.

What does this mean? Her legal rulings are wrong. Her judgment is poor.

But that's right up the alley for Obama and his socialist supporters.

Being legally correct isn't important in a Supreme Court justice. Blindly following a bad political philosophy is what they seek.

With that crew, being a loser isn't a bad thing. It's a thing to be honored.

Imagine if this same logic applied to the NFL. Who would have been in the most recent Super Bowl? St. Louis (1-15) vs Kansas City (4-12).

Who would have been in the World Series? Washington (55-103) vs Baltimore (60-98).

Loser gets rewarded. That's the liberal way.

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