Thursday, April 8, 2010

Computer repair -- again

The MacBook is in the shop. Again.

I really like my MacBook. A lot. But I've never had a computer that needed as much repair work as it has needed.

When I got it in 2007, the hard drive went bad. Then, the replacement hard drive went bad. Then, something else went out. I don't remember what and I'm too lazy to look it up. Anyway, I've had to put it in the shop again.

This time, the mouse cursor was acting all strange. It was as if the mouse was "clicked."

Since I have the new Magic Mouse -- which is the coolest thing -- I was afraid it was the touch feature. So, last night, I turned the mouse off and used the trackpad. But the problem was still occurring. So, it wasn't the mouse, but the trackpad.

Only, it wasn't. But I wouldn't find that out until later.

I took the MacBook by the local Mac store (we don't have an Apple Store in Columbus, but there are two affiliated stores). Showed him was was happening, and he agreed it was the trackpad. (It wasn't; more in a minute.)

So, he verified the information on the MacBook, confirming it's still under AppleCare service program. To do that, he had to read some information that's under the battery. So, he took out the batter and read the info.

When he went to put it back in, he paused. The battery looked funny. It looked swollen. Because it was.

The swollen (and, therefore, deformed) battery was pressing against the bottom of the trackpad. So, there was nothing wrong with the trackpad, but the battery was causing it to be pressed from underneath.

He has it in the shop, looking it over, in case whatever is wrong with the battery has caused any damage. Plus, he's replacing the cover that has a crack.

Don't know how long all that will take. He does lots of Apple repairs -- I believe it, if others have had as many issues as have I -- so he'll get to me when he can.

In the meantime, I'm having to use the Dell laptop. My old computer. Wife uses it now.

I really like my Mac. But I've never had to send one of my Dells in to the shop for anything.

Windows sucks. OS X rocks. But the Dell seems more reliable than the Mac. And I can live with Windows. Apple needs to pay attention. I guess they're too busy boycotting the number two cable TV network to be bothered with making stuff that doesn't need to have to go to the shop all the time.


  1. Remember that whole "exploding battery" thing from a couple years ago? You may have just dodged a bullet.

  2. Yeah, really.

    On the Macs, the battery is at the front, under the trackpad, not near the back, like on a Dell. So, I'm thinking about what parts of me would have been most injured by a battery explosion. Yeah, Mr. Happy would have turned sad real fast.

  3. Being a laptop Repair expert I would say that MacBook is very delicate and costly notebook. It should be operated very carefully while working.


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