Thursday, April 22, 2010

You think this will lower his share of the Jewish vote?

Obama has ruled out attacking Iran over nuclear development. (tip: Right Truth)

But the administration won't rule out shooting down Israeli jets if Israel takes a stand against Iran.

If this comes to pass, will Obama would end up losing any Jewish votes? Over 80% of Jewish voters cast ballots for Obama in 2008. Of course, Democrats have not been friends to Israel or our Jewish citizens for some time.

Now, sure, if this were to come to pass, the most important thing wouldn't be how most Jews vote. It would be a shooting war in the Middle East, where the U.S. is one of the countries doing the shooting. And, it would be a huge betrayal of a strong ally.

But that's what could happen when you put people like Barack Obama and other Democrats in charge. And everyone who voted for Barack Obama would be to blame. That includes 80% of Jewish voters.

Elections have consequences.


  1. Like the new look (yeah ... been a while). The style AND content. Good work Sir. Very Good work.


  2. Basil, it has dumbfounded me my entire "paying attention" life (since I was about 14) that Jews vote Democrat.

    The Democrats despise Israel (with a few exceptions), and always have.

    Kinda makes you wonder if there was something in that Egyptian water that screwed with their brains.

  3. I'm afraid those 80% displayed a very low intelect, or to put it another way, their intelect went on strike on the election day.

  4. There's nothing new there. The mass migration before, during, and after the war. Mostly artists, filmmakers, musicians, actors. You know ... libwuhls.

    Yidisha types and liberal values go hand in hand. Though yes, those in above mention, largely secular.

    The good time liberal of the sixties was indeed true to Constitutional liberty (those without bomb dust on their hands). Of whichever spiritual denomination. I can only help but feel Abbie Hoffman is choking on his own upchuck, this very second, at just the thought of King Hussein.

    Me, wuzz a fuzzy wuzzy my whole life. Until one day the stench simply became more than I could bear.

    Many Yoo's still in denial. Many still have yet to take that first step.

    Shoot, some of em worthless traitorous bugs ... spell't R A H M.

    This too shall pass [sh*t, if Rahmbo's already designed his parachute? (Mayor of Chicago) ... Then you know it won't be too much longer now :-) ]

  5. AnechoicRoom: Thank you. And there's nothing wrong with classic liberalism. I don't always agree with honest liberals, but I haven't seen one in such a long time, I forgot what they look like. All I see now are those socialists that are as rampant as cockroaches.

    Andy: I've never understood why, for the most part, many Jewish people seem to support Democrats. I can only chalk it up to habit, left over from before the Democrat party became as bad as it is today.

    DUTA: I'm at a loss to explain it. All I can do is ask, "what were they thinking?"

  6. I think the words everyone is looking for are ... oy vey :-)

    An honest liberal? (let me stop laughing). It's a big complex picture. But I think MSM/Hollywierd indoctrination plays a very large part.

    The generation upon, has not the tools to decipher. And their disconnect from the atomic, from reality near complete.

    Our reality? Two words. Only two words. And nothing but.

    November second.

    We get that wrong ... and kiss it all goodbye. Everything. I'm still optimistic, still idealistic enough. To believe. Have faith. Skeery times indeed.


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