Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Boobs, baseball, basketball ... and other news

I have been upgraded from "cruel and unusual" to "evil."

What a bunch of boobs!

Boobies save Billion$?

Augusta Chronicle on Phil Hare. Wish I'd said that.

Obama should hire Professor Farnsworth as press secretary: Good news, everyone! Unemployment will rise!

What about people that get health care and still die? When is Obama gonna fix that?

Obama's first pitch: high and way to the left. Just like Obama.

Obama asked the Washington Baseball Club to change their name to the "Internationals." Prove he didn't.

Why does Tiger Woods get tougher questions than Obama? Tiger only screwed a few dozen women, not an entire country.

Tiger says "looking forward to the first tee." Just a year ago, he was looking forward to T and A.

Yesterday, I kept hearing a lot about some "Duke Butler" person. Who is that? Does he play baseball?

Next year, the NCAA cancels the regular season and simply holds a 347-team tournament.

March Madness in April. The Boys of Summer playing in November. Fall football lasting until February. Somebody buy them folks a calendar.

Finally! No distractions from baseball! So there is good news after all.

The iPad is an iPod Touch on steroids. Including the bad attitude and shrunken 'nads.

More bloggers would make good journalists than journalists would make good bloggers.

Seems George Clooney doesn't want to get upstaged by Christian Bale.

One final thing: The local paper had a news story Rev. Dan Gates -- not my pastor, just a friend -- who is battling cancer. Prayers.

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