Monday, February 27, 2006

Headline News 2006-02-27

From ABC News:
What Causes Elite Athletes to Choke?
Number one reason: well-endowed teammates

From ABC News:
Streaker Runs Across Ice in Curling Match
Turns out it wasn't all that cold, he looked like that all the time

From ABC News:
Museum of Medical Oddities Likely Moving
Movement explained: Oddities not dead yet

From ABC News:
Psycho Path Voted Wackiest Street Name
Edged Lois Lane and Della Street

From ABC News:
When Convenience Store Clerks Attack
Victims unable to understand Farsi

From ABC News:
EU says it regrets Muslims offended by cartoons
Still unconcerned about beheadings

From ABC News:
Saddam ends hunger strike before trial resumption
Ate three puppies for breakfast

From ABC News:
Iraq Official: Top Zarqawi Aide Captured
Zarqawi only has two dozen "number two men" left in organization

From ABC News:
Report: Kennewick Man Deliberately Buried
Bush blamed

From CNN:
Microsoft to offer six versions of Vista
From 'Sucky' to 'Really Really Really Really Really Sucky'


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