Saturday, February 12, 2005

Headline News 2005-02-12

From ABC News:
Male Genital Snow Sculpture Shocks Drivers
In the kid's defense, he did ask if he could make snow balls

From ABC News:
Student Runs Over Driver's Ed Teacher
But with grading on the curve, student still passed

From ABC News:
Valentine's Becomes a Day for Activists
After opposing the Prince of Peace, libs take on the day of love

From ABC News:
Mass. AG in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage
There's this guy that Reilly has had his eye on...

From ABC News:
Pope Acknowledges Role of Secularism in France
Recent illness hasn't harmed his firm grasp of obvious

From ABC News:
Senators Introduce Ocean Trash Bill
New super hero will replace Aquaman

From ABC News:
Otter Euthanized After Questionable Rescue
Delta House remembers him foldly

From ABC News:
Acting Life Over at 45 in Hollywood, Says Deneuve
Clint Eastwood surprised by the news

From AJC:
Jennifer Lopez debuts Sweeface clothing line
Skanks with big butts now have their own line of clothes

From CNN:
Finding life in ancient Mayan ruins
No luck so far, just a bunch of skeletons

From CNN:
Hope Diamond cut from French crown jewel
Seeks new role on "One Life To Live"

From BBC:
Malawi president forms new party
Suggest U.S. Democrats do the same

From BBC:
Microsoft releases patches
Kitten had been held hostage for three weeks

From New York Times:
Fewer Gays Discharged Since 9/11
Increased usage of condoms credited

From New York Times:
Don't Call Him Mr. Britney Spears
Federline wants to remain unknown, preparing for life after Britney dumps him

From Los Angeles Times:
Bush Draws a Line on Medicare
Runs, hides, tries to blame Cheney for vandalism

From Washington Post:
Down Under, Doubts About Bush
Timming seems to help, though

From Boston Globe:
Bush cuts hit Democratic states, analysis finds
So, what did we learn?

From CNN:
CNN executive resigns after controversial remarks
I don't have a joke. I just wanted to see CNN announce it again.


  1. Off topic, but I'd like you to know. If my blog turns into a catblog, I expect you to either shoot me in my sleep or in an Italian restaurant like in The Godfather. My lawyer says that the killing of a catblogger is technically self defense, so it'll be ok.

  2. dude, this ranks in the top three (or maybe four,hard to tell, since they're always funny) headline posts to date.
    glad i remembered to put down the beverage before opening your site!

  3. The Big Sister (who's 5'4")February 13, 2005 at 2:51 AM

    The headlines are so funny. Maybe basil's off the drugs. That cold/flu has lasted way too long.

  4. puppy blogging

    The more people I meet, the more i like my dog. But with a face like the one below who wouldn't.
    Update: I recently learned it's a good thing I posted pictures of my puppy instead of my wife's cats. Chase from Peace for Our Time pointed out on bas...

  5. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")February 13, 2005 at 2:46 PM

    Even better than the last ones I read! You doin' good bro. Ocean Trash Bill...replaces Aquaman--heh heh heh!!


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