Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Wednesday Breakfast Special: GoDaddy Fishing

Try one of these specials with your breakfast.
  • Oddybobo has been fishing.
  • Common Sense Runs Wild has more on The Commercial.
  • Hog On Ice says what's good enough for Ward is good enough for Steve H.
  • Iowahawk has been dumpster diving. And found Eason Jordan.
  • SondraK says clean your monitor.
  • Beth says Fat Tuesday is followed by White Trash Wednesday. Oh, and War Eagle!
  • Ogre and llamas.
  • Chase supports the military.
  • phin found a story on a guy that's nuts. Or isn't. Either way: ouch.
  • Susie proves that stupid people can use the phone.
  • Right Wing Duck and PC math.

We also have several other items listed on the menu. The Headlines are a popular choice. Current posts are on the front page.

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