Thursday, February 24, 2005

Where Have All the Guest Headlines Gone?

After being chastised by basil for not posting, I am trying to get back into his good graces. WARNING: they are all education related and not very good. Anyway, here goes...
Education Week
Proof Positive: Two lifelong math teachers create an after-school program that brings their passion for the subject full circle
Snacks include apple pi and peach pi

Chicago Sun-Times: February 21.
City Schools to Ax Scripted Reading Program Despite Gain
Spokesman states: "All" that will wash out with the "Tide"

St. Petersburg Times: February 16
Wanted: 30,000 teachers
Bill Clinton to try for new record; tired of brainless interns

Education Week
Ten Commandments Case Watched Closely by School Community
ACLU complains; afraid children may learn right and wrong

Los Angeles Times
Opinion: Why is the bar set so low for history teachers?
Even basil's big sister is only 5'4"

Education Week
Teaching couple get children fired up about math
And next week, boys and girls, we are going to work on triple

Text messaging not hastening the decline of language
OMG, they need to GAL...

The Washington Post
A career writer who can't spell seeks help
Mabe tat iz whi tha donet lik mie riting

Grunion Gazette (Long Beach, Calif.)
MIT team works to create very cheap laptops for the developing world
Now, if we can just get electrity over there...

Los Angeles Times
Feds tell California to toughen criteria for watch list
Timex out selling Rolex in Beverly Hills for second year

Education Guardian
Cheshire School Pioneers 'E-homework'
But teacher, I don't know what happened--it just disappeared!


  1. mean sister (who's 5'6"): not bad! of course, big sister (who's 5'4") might be a bit pissed about the lowered bar remark....:)
    and about the e-homework joke...the "search" dog ate it!
    LOL, keep it up! you don't have to be (can't be)as funny as basil, but your input is appreciated and laughed at by me, and hopefully other readers enjoy it too.

  2. LOL! I forgot about the "Lycos" dog. Good one!

  3. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")February 25, 2005 at 8:41 AM

    Thanks moehawk. I have given up trying to equal basil. He is funnier now than when we were growing up. Talked to big sister (who is 5'4). She forgave me...glad you liked the homework one.

    basil..I got an LOL!! yea!! Thanks.


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